5 Influencers Over 70 Killing the Game and Making You Rethink What It Means to Be Ageless

By Rachel Denee

Alexa! Play Jill Scott. “Living my life like it’s golden!” Silver hair is the new Black hair, 70 is the new 50, and those Golden Years are not for rocking chairs. If Ageless was “I can show you better than I can tell you”, please welcome our first, weekly installment of FLYLIST. Fly, Hip, & Ageless prides itself on showcasing the most inspirational and aspirational influencers of the FHA Community. These over 70 influencers just happen to be over the age of 70.

Call them myth-busters or trendsetters but what we will not do is call them old or even worse, granfluencers. We refer to them simply as influencers around here, as they inspire followers with their wisdom, phenomenal style, fitness gains, and more.

Here are five influencers you need to follow that that remind us there are no shortcuts for loving yourself or for good old-fashioned, sweat equity. Please follow for the ageless but stay because they are Fly.


Instagram has been called the domain of the Renaissance man, and this Vietnam Veteran fits the bill. The epitome of #fitspo (fitness inspiration), allow us to introduce you to a man that has yet to find a place he can’t perform push-ups. Harry embodies a commitment to staying fit and in the present. With quotes like “extend your life by moving your body purposefully on a daily basis! Stay FIT” is not just a mantra but a battle cry. The most surprising bonus of his account is a killer playlist that embraces the very best of today’s music.

Check Harry out on Instagram



Immediately greeted by fun, confidence, and legs for days, Constance Mile’s account inspires others of all ages to live life fully as she dances and showcases her signature outfits, with pics captured from her daily lifestyle. A “Bald Boss”, she defines her own beauty standards and we just watch in awe. There is a whimsical and ageless quality in the custom-designed clothing, mixed with her advocacy for alopecia and words of wisdom that makes Constance is proof positive of the saying “age is just a number.”

Check Constance out on Instagram



Sheila not only makes exercise fun but her account is a masterclass in the art of aging backward. With her mantra of “good vibes”, this influencer became a certified personal trainer in her 60’s. A breast cancer survivor, Sheila believes that a medical diagnosis or age should define you. This Stylish and stunning lady then proves it with fitness routines and takes from her leadership engagements. Sheila puts the Ah-mazing in aging, so do not sleep on her skincare tips, confidence boosters, and fun workouts. Then prepare to sit all the way down with her dancing videos.

Check Sheila out on Instagram



Dedicated to shoving ageism down the stairs with a high kick and over 300k TikTok followers, Keiko’s fun approach showcases a lifetime of professional dance experience with no signs of quitting anytime soon. Filled with ballet, TikTok dances, costume changes, sky-high heels, glamour, and breakdancing, there is something here for everyone who fully live their days but doesn’t count the years.

Check Keiko out on TikTok



With six-pack abs that support a heart of gold and a joy for life that is contagious, if you love celebrity chefs, then you might already know Chef Babette’s name. But if you don’t, then you’ll want to get better acquainted with her and her Instagram feed boasting over 180K followers. That’s because Chef Babette is an elite, vegan, and raw food chef, fitness expert, and motivational speaker. She’s an author, runs a successful vegan restaurant, and produces online cooking classes. Her blinding smile and radiant skin are only mildly distracting as we question our commitment to self-care.

Check Chef Babette out on Instagram


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